Friday, September 10, 2010

The Bob Levy Broadcast Center

When you talk about something that brings attention to yourself you no doubt give the impression that there is some ego involved. So this morning
I will try and straddle the humble/egomaniac line in relaying what took place here on Thursday. For the past six months or so we have been renovating the inside of the building to create a more efficient operation where the studios are in one section and the business operation occupies another.
Brenner Construction Enterprises coordinated and completed the project with a big assist from our Vice President of Engineering Jay Pierce.

While the project was rolling along Millennium Radio President and CEO Bill Saurer talked to me about doing something to honor Bob Levy, who most know from his Sunday morning talk show “Topic A” which airs on this station and recently celebrated its 31st anniversary. Originally Bill was going to name the studio of our sister station WOBM AM 1160 for Bob, who co-hosts a daily morning show there with his wife Marianne.
However he wanted to do something that would truly reflect the contributions of someone who began his tenure with the radio station before the roof went on the building in January of 1968. While Bob is best known for his on-air work many are not aware that he previously was the Sales Manager and General Manager and even the station’s very first sportscaster.

So with me fully on board the project of naming our newly-renovated building on Route 9 in Berkeley Township was hatched. Only a couple of us knew about it so when Larry The Sign Guy came to install new signs yesterday morning they had to be covered. So too was one hung in our conference room naming that after Rosemary Lipari, who was hired in 1978 as a receptionist and when she retired in 2005 pretty much ran the place.
Bill smoothly handled the announcements outside Thursday with more than 50 of our fellow Millennium staff members on hand. I knew exactly what was going to happen….well not quite all of it. Turns out the 92.7 FM studio
was named in honor of my 31 years here which is a pretty neat and very touching acknowledgement.

Afterwards we moved into the Rosemary Lipari Conference Room for a nice lunch provided by Wallach’s Farm Market in Toms River and a delicious cake from LaScala Italian Pastry Shop. All in all a good day at the Bob Levy Broadcast Center.

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