Friday, September 5, 2008

60 Day Sprint

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are over and it’s a 60-day sprint to the White House. This historic election featuring both an African-American and a female candidate promises to be a historic one with the two sides offering very different agendas for our future. Both Barack Obama and John McCain are using “change” as the theme of their candidacies even though their parties are both responsible to some extent for the mess we are in.

I do find it interesting how so many get caught up in the acceptance speeches like they are some kind of gospel. First they are largely written by those who write speeches for a living and they are practiced and delivered much like an actor getting ready for a Broadway play. Both conventions were lavish in the use of videos and backdrops to go hand in hand with the speeches and at times it looked more like an awards show. Second you have the fact that regardless of who was speaking they can’t and won’t do what they promise because politicians never do. And third you have to acknowledge that some people are just better orators than others and if that was truly a pre-requisite for getting to the White House than both Jesse Jackson and Mario Cuomo should have been elected.

Fasten your seat-belts because the next two months will be wild.

The NFL season opened Thursday Night and it was truly a chance for Giants fans to celebrate last season’s Super Bowl title. The Giants never played a home game on their way to the Vince Lombardi Trophy in February so last night was part celebration and part season opener. Early on the Giants looked super as they rolled to a 16-0 lead over Washington. Those who left early made a wise choice because the second-half was a snoozer with Big Blue holding on for a 16-7 victory. All in all though a pretty good night.

A programming note. Beginning Monday the Hometown View will move to different times in the morning. I’ll be on a 6:20 and 8:20AM, instead of 5:20 and 7:20. I hope you’ll still be with me.

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