Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Tragedy On 9/11

You probably expected that I would do something today on a great tragedy
and you are right. However this story is not about 9-11, a day which took the lives of thousands and changed the way we live forever. It’s about how a random act of violence took the life of a man in his prime and forever changed his grieving family.

36-year old Michael Fuccile was stabbed to death last Thursday morning while waiting for a commuter train near Liberty State Park in Jersey City.
Police say the killer was a 24-year old mentally ill man and it was case of Fuccile just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You might have seen or heard the story last week but did not pay much attention to it…after all it was not around here and did not involve anyone local…or did it.

Fuccile’s parents live in Lakehurst and he attended both St. Joseph’s Grade School and Monsignor Donovan High School where he played baseball and was a member of the National Honor Society before graduating in 1990. After that it was on to Villanova University and for the last ten years he’s lived in Metuchen while serving as Chief Compliance Officer for Merrill Lynch in Jersey City. Married and the father of three children he was active in the community, coaching baseball, soccer and basketball. Clearly he had made an impact on others as some 3,000 people attended his viewing earlier this week.

A college fund has been set up for the Fuccile Children…Michael, Jack and Brooke. Checks can be made payable to “NextGen College Investing” and mailed to the Costello-Runyon Funeral Home in Metuchen.

I found out about this story from a friend of Michael’s who was a classmate from grade school through college and he’s one of many who finds a void in his life that will never be filled. As heartbroken as he is one can’t imagine how the family must feel….their husband, father, son and brother goes to work one day and does not come home. Sounds very much like 9-11 but for the Fuccile Family 9-4 is a day that will live in infamy.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Williams,

I am Mike Fuccile's sister, Beth Maier. Thank you for your words for my brother. While our entire family is completely devastated and fragile, your attention to his tragedy is much appreciated. Thank you.

Doug Brustman said...


Thank you so much for bringing this story to a local forum. I too was a high school clasmate of Mike, and he was one of the nicest, classiest people you would ever want to meet. Someone you were proud to call a friend. I was kind of disgusted with the lack of coverage by our local newspaper and media, considering Mike was a local guy. This has made me feel much better about the fact that Mike is being given the tributes he so dearly deserves. Thank you again, you a class act also Kevin Williams.