Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Goodbye Summer

Officially it is over whether you or I like it or not. No I’m not talking about the Mets season (although that’s pretty close) but rather summer…the very best time of year. The calendar says today is the first full day of autumn and the signs are everywhere…days are shorter, leaves are falling and bright summer colors are being replaced by browns and oranges and UGH! While the next month or so can be a beautiful time of year it’s what comes next that makes me so sad…that of course being winter.

I guess it comes down to the fact that summer at the shore makes me feel young…or at least not as old. It’s invigorating and easy…shorts, tee shirts, sandals and baseball hats. Sunrise and sunset at the beach are equally beautiful and what’s better than a stroll on the boardwalk with a cool ocean breeze providing relief? Summer is a time to barbeque and you try and squeeze as much out of a day as possible.

Now that’s pretty much over and in order to get to another one you have to go through fall, Winter and Spring. That means rain, sleet, snow, ice and plenty of cold days. Green will be gone as will flowers, replaced by bare trees and brown grass. Bright will be replaced by dull and water cooler conversation will center on things like American Idol, which is a sure sign that I and you have no life.

However in a poor attempt to sound optimistic I tell you the following….it’s 94 days until Christmas, 175 days until St. Patrick’s Day and just 244 days until Memorial Day, 2009 which of course…is the unofficial start of next summer. If you put things in perspective that’s just around the corner, although it’s a very long corner.

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