Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Morning Observations

What a difference 24 hours make. We got hit with plenty of rain and some wind Saturday…the first bad weather we’ve had in weeks and it forced the postponement of many scheduled outside events in the Ocean County area. We then woke up Sunday morning to blue skies and a perfect day, typical for the day after a storm.

Many baseball fans in our area are caught up in the fact that this is the final season for Yankee and Shea Stadiums and frankly I’m not one of them.
However when my brother said he had field box seats to see the Mets and Phillies I jumped at the opportunity to see probably my final game at Shea.
The tickets were for Saturday which then became the day game of a Sunday day/night doubleheader after a rainout and left a difficult decision. Yesterday was not only a great beach day but the first full day of the NFL season. However my son wanted to go to the Mets game so we did and I must say it was the worst baseball game I’ve ever attended. Mets were down quickly 6-0 and there were some obnoxious Phillies fans sitting nearby. There were two good things. First we left early, beat the traffic and got home by 6pm. Second the Mets won last night and I could watch the game where I like it most…on my couch.

HBO’s very funny and very adult show “Entourage” made its season debut last night and as always there were plenty of laughs. The show normally airs in the summer but was delayed because of last year’s writer’s strike.

It takes a few days to realize that local traffic is very much different once schools open. Drivers have to pay particular attention to not only school busses but the many children who walk to and from school. Not all of them are watching for us but we certainly have to keep an eye out for them.

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