Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kevin's Honor

One of the best things about radio is the ability to reach people in a variety of ways. The air waves can be used to inform, educate, entertain, and motivate….at times what you hear may make you think and ponder, laugh and cry. Today I use this time to express my thanks.

Tuesday night at Eagle Ridge Golf Club’s View Restaurant, Ocean County Sheriff William Polhemus and I were honored by Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey during their 16th Anniversary Dinner Gala. The only thing better than being honored was knowing that the event would support a truly wonderful organization whose mission is to provide supportive home care services to elderly people in need and help them live independently. This is done thanks to a dedicated staff and hundreds of remarkable volunteers who give up their time to make a difference in the lives of others.

I admit to feeling truly unworthy of the Hope Award which was presented to me by my longtime friend and co-worker Bob Levy. Actually that was an honor in itself as Bob does not make a regular habit of getting dressed up (and he looked great) and going out on a weeknight. In addition I’m appreciative of my other work friends who attended to support me, especially Regina Carr and Suzanne Clark who served on the committee which put the event together.

Of course what you want most is to share any honor with your family and I was blessed to have many of them in attendance. That included my wife and daughter, mother and father, mother-in-law and two fabulous sisters-in-law who traveled from out of the area. I also know my late father-in-law was looking down, wishing he was sitting at our table which he was in spirit.

Not lost on me was the fact that I got to share the night with Sheriff Polhemus because he was a police officer in Seaside Heights where I grew up and I’ve known him and his family for about 40 years. There was no better place to grow up then Seaside Heights in the late 60’s when you knew just about everyone in town.

So thanks to Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey for thinking enough of a couple of Seaside guys to give us a special evening.


Brian Dowd said...

Thank you for helping me in my fundraising last year and for helping the countless people you do everyday

Lynette said...

Thanks so much Kevin, it was so wonderful to meet your great family. We really appreciate the kind words and help you give to Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey and the work we do. It was really nice to see the true admiration you and Bob Levy have for eachother. Lynette Whiteman