Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Password Is...

I’ve addressed this issue before but because my frustration level is rising I’m going to bring it up again. What are we going to do about the need to have a password to access just about everything in our lives? For many this started when they got their first ATM card…you probably had to create a four digit number and of course were advised not to use things like birthdays, addresses and phone numbers.

That might have been easy enough but now there is a password of some kind attached to just about everything and often I can’t remember which one goes with which item. Just this morning I needed a code to get into the building, log onto my computer and check my phone messages. That’s just for starters and for obvious reasons they can’t all have the same passwords and some require constant changing. The other problem is where do you record all of them in case you forget…..honestly I wrote them down once and put them in a special place. However I forget the place and to this day don’t know where they are although it really doesn’t matter because by know many had to get changed. That’s because when you forget a password usually you are directed to come up with a new one and that starts the entire process over again.

This is supposed to be for our protection and it is but there’s not much you can do without a password or code any longer. Check your bank statement, your EZ pass account…even read a newspaper on line and they ask for your number. Then there’s that bad feeling you get when you put the wrong one with the wrong item and you get that message in red “password not valid.”
You panic because if you can’t come up with the correct one they will force you to change and that means another number you can’t remember. So you try and finally on your third and last attempt you enter your children’s soccer uniform numbers and that’s it. What a relief….then you go home and find out one of them just a new uniform…with a new number.

This is just not going to work.

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